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By Philip J. Straka

Breast Augmentation Patient 9 Breast Augmentation GalleryChoosing the size of your implants for your breast augmentation can be a complicated process. Even though your neighbor achieved beautiful results with a specific implant size doesn’t mean it will provide the same look for you. It’s a common problem that women have when they come to their consultation with a misconception about their ideal implant size. These are the 3 biggest factors we look at when choosing your perfect implant.

1. Chest Width

Chest width can be a good indicator of overall body size, and by being taken it into consideration, it can prevent you from choosing an implant that is too large or too small. Larger implants can be more prominently visible in women with a narrow chest, causing visible implant edges. When you can see the transition between the implants and your bust, this can cause a more noticeably augmented look.

2. Existing Breast Tissue

We take a look at the thickness of the breast tissue for multiple reasons. The first being that larger implants can stretch thin breast tissue, which leads to the visibility of surface irregularities of the implants. Secondly, thin breast tissue is more likely to weaken over time when heavy implants are placed. In these cases, bottoming out or double bubble deformity are more likely to occur.

3. Personal Preference

We also must take the patient’s personal preference into account. Some women want larger, fuller breasts, while others may desire more modest enhancements. You will work with your surgeon to find the best implant size that works for you. We try to balance the physical factors that affect your breast augmentation with the vision you have for your body. The goal is to always create natural, long-lasting results that make you feel happy and confident.

Testing It Out

Your consultation is a vital step in your breast augmentation process. This is when the physical evaluation is performed, and you thoroughly discuss your aesthetic goals with your surgeon. Additionally, many surgeons will have implant simulators you can use to see how comfortable you are with different implant sizes. This pseudo “try before you buy” process can help you determine if the size you are interested in is right for you.