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Sometimes, women with breast implants decide to have them removed. Dr. Philip Straka also specializes in this procedure, which is referred to as breast implant explantation. Breast implant removal is a challenging and highly specialized procedure in which Dr. Straka has extensive experience and expertise. It is imperative that you choose a surgeon who has patience, experience, and a meticulous approach to this type of surgical procedure to obtain the most natural appearance of your breasts. Whatever your reason for wanting breast implant explantation, Dr. Straka can perform surgery to permanently remove your implants and produce a beautiful, natural-looking bustline.


Candidates for breast implant removal are usually motivated by personal reasons or health complications. Women may choose to get rid of their implants at any point after breast augmentation and for any reason. For instance, a woman with new implants may discover that the results are not what she expected, or a woman who has had implants for years may experience changing preferences for her desired appearance. Other candidates may decide that having breast implants is an unanticipated inconvenience or unwanted discomfort in their lives. Some women may experience complications due to their breast implants and ultimately decide to have them removed.

Breast Implant Removal Procedure

During the procedure to remove one’s breast implants, Dr. Straka also removes scar tissue, the “capsule” around the implants and can lift and reshape the breast tissues to improve the shape and feel of the breasts. If possible, and deemed safe for the patient, the plan is to remove the implants and the entire capsule at the same time, called en bloc procedure. Dr. Straka’s focus is to produce the best aesthetic resul ts with the most natural-looking breast appearance following breast implant removal (explant).

Recovery and Results

After your procedure, you will need to rest at home for several days. You may be given a compression garment to reduce swelling and aid healing. Most patients are ready to return to work within one week and resume exercise shortly thereafter. Dr. Straka will provide you with more specific recovery details depending on your health and medical history. As the swelling subsides, the results usually continue to improve, and the breasts take on a more natural appearance. Breast revision surgery for breast implant removal is typically an extremely satisfying procedure for patients and can provide relief for women who which to remove their breast implants.

To learn more about breast implant removal or breast revision surgery, request a consultation with Dr. Philip Straka. Call 281-540-8044 or contact us online today.