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Dr. Philip Straka also specializes in performing revisional, or corrective, breast augmentation surgery, which is designed to improve and refine the appearance of a previous breast augmentation. Revisional breast augmentation surgery allows Dr. Straka to “revisit” the work of another doctor and to use his significant experience, training and expertise in cosmetic breast enhancement to improve the shape, implant position, and softness of the augmented breast. Many patients are referred to Dr. Straka for these challenging repair operations.

Other breast procedures performed by Dr. Straka include:

See the impressive results of revisional breast surgery performed by Dr. Straka by viewing the photo gallery below.

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Learn about Revisional Breast Augmentation

Revisional breast augmentation surgery can be a relief to women who were frustrated, disappointed, or saddened by the results of their initial breast enlargement procedure. Contact Dr. Straka today to find out how your past breast enlargement surgery can be revisited with revisional breast augmentation.

Over 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed every year, and according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it has over an 85 percent satisfaction rate. According to those statistics, breast revision surgery is not that common, but it’s also not as rare as we hope. There are plenty of reasons you may be unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation, which could range from personal disappointment in the look of your breasts to a medical issue arising from surgery. Ultimately, you should discuss with your surgeon or seek a consultation for a second opinion with a new surgeon if you are in anyway unhappy with your breast augmentation.

While you shouldn’t self-diagnose your breast augmentation problems, having a better understanding of why you may feel dissatisfied with your results can help you better communicate with your surgeon during your breast revision consultation.

Bad Sizing

Selecting your implant size can be complicated, and unfortunately, the wrong size may be chosen during your initial breast augmentation surgery. If you feel your breasts are still too small or now too large following your surgery, you may need revision surgery to place implants that are ideal for you. In some cases, we may change the positioning of the implants to improve the shape of the breasts, which can alter the overall look of the breasts.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a medical issue that can develop after breast augmentation surgery. A scar tissue capsule naturally forms around the breast implants during recovery. Capsular contracture occurs when the capsule begins to tighten around the implant. It can cause a hard, distorted breast appearance and sometimes it can be painful. The capsule may be released or removed to relieve the pain and to help improve the appearance of the breasts.

Implant Malpositioning

Implant malposition is more likely to occur slowly over time, but it can be immediately noticeable after breast augmentation surgery. Implants tend to shift their position because of a poorly constructed pocket. You may find your implants have shifted laterally into the armpits, medially toward the middle of the chest, or down below the inframammary line. Breast revision surgery can help with most types of malposition.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Straka to see how revision surgery can help you. You can call our office at 281.540.8044, or you can contact us online.