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By Philip J. Straka

There comes a time for many women who have undergone breast augmentation when they feel their breast implants are no longer right for them. While some women wish to change the size or shape of their existing implants, others may want them removed altogether. Breast implant revision is a surgical procedure that can cater to many women who desire a change from their previous breast surgery. However, the decision to remove your breast implants should be your own choice based on personal or physical reasons.

Woman Holding Both Breasts

What Is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision can be performed to correct a problem that has developed from a previously botched procedure. Other times, this procedure can address certain complications that have occurred with a patient’s breast implants. These issues include deflation, asymmetry, rupture, and capsular contracture. While some women choose to have their implants replaced with a different size or shape, others may want to remove them entirely due to feeling unsatisfied with them. Your breast implant revision can vary based on the technique used for your procedure and your personal and aesthetic needs.

When to Remove Your Implants?

You No Longer Love Your Implants

As trends come and go, it is okay to admit that you no longer feel an emotional attachment to your implants. Breast implants that you decided to get a few years ago may no longer create the body image that you currently desire. This is a very common feeling for many women who have undergone breast augmentation, especially at a young age. Maybe you feel the way your implants look no longer match your current personality because of who you have become over the years. If at any point you are dissatisfied with your breasts, you can consult Dr. Straka about changing your appearance so that you feel comfortable and confident about the way you look.

You Are Experiencing Complications

While certain risks and side effects are usually rare when undergoing breast augmentation, it is impossible to predict if or what type of issues a patient may experience with breast implants. Capsular contracture, asymmetry, or infection may develop following your previous breast augmentation. Although many patients look into breast revision to address these concerns, some may experience recurring issues even after surgery. If your implants are the source of these or other complications, it may be time to remove them.

Breast Implant Revision Before and After Photos

Your Implants Are Causing Discomfort

Breast implants can sometimes lead to chafing and discomfort, especially for women involved in sports. Lifting weights, swimming, running, and other physical activities that involve using your chest muscles can cause implant contraction. While some patients are not bothered by their new implants, others feel it can limit their movement and negatively impact what they enjoy doing. Additionally, overly large implants can also lead to chronic back and neck pain. If your breast implants are causing pain and discomfort, it may be best that you look into undergoing breast implant revision.

To learn more about breast implant revision, you may contact Dr. Straka’s office at (281) 540-8044 or schedule a consultation online today!